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Pardee Hospital recently joined the UNC Health Care family. Along with the strength of this new partnership, we continue to hold a unique place in our community.

While UNC Health Care has not purchased Pardee, we have committed to a 10 year management partnership that is so significant that we've added them to our name.

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"Partnering with UNC Health provides Pardee Hospital with the opportunity to be part of a large cohesive health care system that is owned and operated by the people of NC.  Pardee is now part of a group of eight hospitals whose mission is to integrate the research from the University of North Carolina Medical School directly into patient care. This partnership will provide our hospital with “cutting edge” technology that will assure our patients that they will receive the best care available in the state.  Also, this partnership will help Pardee to be competitive in a quickly changing healthcare world. Within the world of electronic medical records this partnership means that eventually patients can travel across the state and will be able to receive treatment anywhere while staff can access their health information from any location. This partnership means that we can provide even more innovative and safer care for patients in a technologically interrelated health care world. "

Sandra R.

"We Are Pardee!! It says it all. Each of us make up Pardee and we all should be proud!! Smiling faces tell the whole story!"

Rita A.