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Pardee Hospital recently joined the UNC Health Care family. Along with the strength of this new partnership, we continue to hold a unique place in our community.

While UNC Health Care has not purchased Pardee, we have committed to a 10 year management partnership that is so significant that we've added them to our name.

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"Being a part of the Pardee team is associated with the concept of community. I love our community (Hendersonville) and want to participate and “give back” to those who gave for me. It’s an idea of play it forward as well as I would like to impact the younger generation and encourage them to have the same sense of community. The Pardee community is a part of the larger picture.  The people of Pardee are what make it so special. People here are kind, compassionate and caring. Partnering with UNC (as I see it), will allow the people of Pardee access to up-to-date education and seminars. We will be able to use the best and newest evidence for the care of our patients. It’s a win-win situation!"

Anne C.

"Knowing that i am helping others who are in need is a special job. :-)"

David S .