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Pardee Hospital recently joined the UNC Health Care family. Along with the strength of this new partnership, we continue to hold a unique place in our community.

While UNC Health Care has not purchased Pardee, we have committed to a 10 year management partnership that is so significant that we've added them to our name.

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"Being a Pardee Team Member has allowed me to talk about one of the most significant passions in my life which is being a nurse.  A bedside nurse who loves to care for people and make a difference in their lives. I am still unsure about what our affiliation with UNCHC will mean for us, but it is my hope that it will mean more nursing education as well as better opportunities for growth and expansion. New opportunities for improved and less invasive technology. One of the good things that I have seen so far is Jay Kirby who I really like and trust to lead us forward. Our need for leadership has never been greater and we have suffered for many years from too many administrative changes and lackluster leadership. I have never had any problem being passionate about being a nurse but I now have a renewed passion for my hospital."

Rene B.

"To me, being a Pardee team member means that I have the honor and privilege of working for an organization that truly cares about its team members and is led by a team that values our service, talents, skills and input. All of those things combined create an excellent working environment and enable us to grow both professionally and personally. Partnering with UNC shows that they recognize what a great hospital this is and that we provide excellent care to our patients."

Carol B.